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Our commandments to protect lakes from microplastics on World Environment Day

Floating in every square kilometre of our oceans, lakes and rivers, microplastics contaminate the soil, glaciers and our food.
They are potentially harmful to animals and humans once they enter the organism. Plastic particles can be found everywhere and yet it is difficult to quantify this increasingly occurring pollutant. What is certain is that the origin of microplastic can be traced back to human activities and is unlikely to be completely removed from the environment. The negative impact on the environment is considerable, while the impact on human health has not yet been adequately researched.

Watch the second video spot of the LIFE Blue Lakes project (Action D1.2) that tells about concrete actions to protect lakes.


On the World Environment Day check our 10 commandments to protect the lakes.

LIFE Blue Lakes No microplastics Just waves

1 We reduce the use of plastic
2 We insist on the correct management and recycling of waste
3 We already promote education and information campaigns in schools
4 We call for a sustainable tourist offer
5 We convince companies to reduce the use of primary microplastics
6 We monitor water pollution
7 We involve volunteers, companies, entities and institutions
8 We call for efficient treatment and depuration plants
9 We propose the adoption of regulations to reduce microplastics in lakes
10 We call for individuals like you to support the health of our lakes