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Marine Litter Online Seminar. Prevention, Progress and Monitoring

In collaborazione con PlasticsEurope, la British Plastics Federation riunisce i maggiori esperti e operatori del settore dei rifiuti marini in questo speciale evento virtuale gratuito.

Questo seminario virtuale esplora i progressi compiuti, i modi per evitare che i rifiuti di plastica entrino nei mari e nei fiumi e i metodi di monitoraggio. Per questo motivo, questo evento è fondamentale per coloro che desiderano avere una panoramica delle ultime ricerche e iniziative.




13.30   Chairperson’s Introduction

13.40   Government Perspective on Marine Litter
Dr Julius Piercy, Defra

Dr Julius Piercy, Head of Marine Litter Policy at Defra will provide the audience
with an insight into government policy on marine litter. He will explore how the
government plans to engage the plastics industry, what impact government policy
will have on our industry and the government’s future plans.

13.55   LIFE Blue Lakes Project
Stefania Di Vito, Legambiente
The LIFE Blue Lakes Project is an integrated approach to tackling marine litter in
five lakes in Italy and Germany. The project combines governance, training,
information  and awareness-raising activities. This talk will cover the project’s aims
and how it has been undertaken. 

14.10   Operation Clean Sweep and Pellet Loss Prevention Standard PAS 510
Adela Putinelu, British Plastics Federation

Adela Putinelu, Senior Sustainability Issues Executive at the British Plastics Federation,
will provide an update on Operation Clean Sweep. This talk will explain the
industry-run programme, how it is helping to reduce plastic pellet loss and future

14.25  Operation Clean Sweep – European Pellet Less Prevention Certification Scheme
Jeremy Fouriau, Environmental Affairs Manager, PlasticsEurope

14.40   Plastic Leak Project – How to Quantify Plastic Leakage Within Your
Laura Peano, Quantis

In this session, Laura Peano, Sustainability Consultant at Quantis, will explain what the
Plastic Leak Project is and how Quantis are quantifying plastic leakage.

14.55   Tea and Coffee Break

15.10   Monitoring Macroplastics in the River Mersey
Sarah Denney, LyondellBasell, Luca Marazzi, Thames 21 & Mike Duddy,
​            Mersey Rivers Trust

Mike Duddy, Senior Projects Manager at the Mersey Rivers Trust, Luca Marazzi, Plastics
Free Rivers Project Co-ordinator at Thames 21 and Sarah Denney, Sustainability Manager
at LyondellBasell, will provide an overview of this project. They will explain the concept,
​           aims and the progress that has been made.

15.25   Removal of Microplastics & Micropollutants from various waters.
            Katrin SchuhenWasser 3.0

Dr Katrin Schuhen, Founder and CEO of Wasser 3.0, will explain their pioneering work
in filtering microplastics from rivers and their plans for the future.

15.40   Alliance to End Plastics Waste – Overview of Projects
Justin Wood, Alliance to End Plastics Waste

Justin Wood, VP Strategic Partnerships at the Alliance to End Plastics Waste,
will explain what the organisation has been working on and provide an overview of
its key projects, including its work in Jembrana.

15.55   Can Our Oceans Greatest Threat Be Humanity’s Richest Opportunity?
David Katz, The Plastic Bank

David Katz, Founder and CEO of the Plastic Bank, will present on its progress over the
past few years and the key lessons that have been learnt.

16.10   Tackling Plastic Waste at Source in Developing Countries
Zoe Lenkiewicz, Waste Aid

Zoe Lenkiewicz, Senior Technical Advisor and Head of Communications at
Waste Aid, will explain what the organisation does and its successes, as well as
outlining new projects.

16.25   Chairperson’s round up

16.35  Close