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TextileMission research project completed

Reducing textile microplastics – The entire life cycle of clothing
should be taken into account

By wearing and washing sportswear such as fleece jackets and running shirts, around 10 tons of textile microplastics are released in Germany every year. This is the result of calculations carried out as part of the “TextileMission” research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Although wastewater treatment plants can retain between 93 and 97 percent of these fibrous microparticles with a length of less than 5 mm and more than 5 μm, a considerable amount (100 kg to 1.3 metric tons) is released into the environment. An interdisciplinary project team from the fields of tex-tile research, water chemistry, sporting goods, household appliances and detergent industry, as well as environmental protection, aimed at gaining a better understanding of the exact causes and input paths of textile microplastics and at developing promising solutions for lowering emissions. After more than three and a half years of intensive research, the team has come up with exciting findings for industry and consumers.

TextileMission_Press release_Project completed_22.07.2021

The 46-page final publication of TextileMission with further results:
TextileMission – the video: