LIFE Blue Lakes project tackles the problem of microplastics in lakes through a set of governance, training, information and awareness actions, addressed to institutions, relevant stakeholders and citizens.
Main project’s actions will be held in Garda, Bracciano and Trasimeno lakes in Italy and in Constance and Chiemsee lakes in Germany. Further Italian and European lake communities will be involved in the promotion and dissemination of good practices.

LIFE Blue Lakes specifically aims at:

Supporting local administrations in Italian and German lakes areas and enanching the engagement of local economic entities by a Participatory Process to draft the Lake Paper: a sort of voluntary commitment signed by all the local stakeholders for the implementation of management good practices and spreading of circular economy models intended to protect the lakes and reduce the impact of economic activities;

Reducing microplastics release from Water Treatment Plants developing a technical protocol and training operators;

Cooperating with relevant companies (plastics, pneumatics and cosmetics) to find out and develop solutions to reduce and prevent further primary microplastic loads;

Raising public awareness in Italy and Germany and promoting behaviours to prevent plastic waste;

Enhancing existing regulatory framework to face local microplastic pollution and influencing national and European political agenda in Italy and Germany;

The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the LIFE Programme and PlasticsEurope.