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Second annual monitoring visit

On boat to show monitor Marco Tosi how we sample #microplastics in #lakes and today the online meeting to check the progress of the project from May 2020.  a technical and administrative point of view. All partners participated to describe the actions in which they are involved.
Concluded the second annual monitoring visit, we get back to work against invisible pollutants.

The LIFE Blue Lakes project started in October 2019 and since then the partners are tackling the problem of microplastics in lakes through a set of governance, training, information and awareness actions, addressed to institutions, relevant stakeholders and citizens.

The LIFE program promotes interventions focused on sustainable development issues by transforming EU policy into action. And with LIFE Blue Lakes we are really proud to contribute with our actions for change. Microplastics are a silent emergency, but we don’t…so let’s keep on making waves!