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World Wetlands Day

Today is World Wetlands Day. Legambiente promotes the initiatives organized throughout Italy and draws a picture of the situation through the data collected in the Focus on Wetlands 2020.
“Life thrives in wetlands – Wetland biodiversity matters” is the slogan of the global 2020 campaign that accompanies guided tours, birdwatching activities and conferences to recall the fundamental role of peculiar habitats such as lakes, swamps, marshes, bogs, peat bogs, ponds, which are as precious for our ecosystem as they are fragile and complex in their balance. Italy has 1520 wetlands according to the PMWI (the Pan Mediterranean Wetland Inventory of Med Wet) and also boasts the largest biodiversity in Europe, hosting 37% of the Euro Mediterranean fauna.
Despite these numbers, attention must always be paid to the factors that lead to the reduction of flora and fauna, such as the pollution of ecosystems of which plastic waste is a predominant component, together with climate change and unsustainable use of resources. Biodiversity must become a real trend phenomenon as soon as possible and to do so requires a considerable mobilisation of technological, human and financial resources. LIFEBlue Lakes, aims to adopt good management practices and disseminate models of circular economy to protect lakes, will also have a positive impact on the preservation of biodiversity that characterizes the territories where the project actions are carried out.
Besides being reservoirs of biodiversity, these environments provide a high quantity of ecosystem services, such as the regulation of hydrogeological phenomena or the fixation of carbon in the biosphere, with consequent mitigation of the effects of climate change. The commitment of Life Blue Lakes will keep together the interests of the conservation of these important natural spaces, also through governance actions able to qualify the businesses and economic activities that are carried out in these areas.